Forklift Operator Safety Training


Are you aware of the HUGE LIABILITY RISK you assume as an employer with untrained forklift operators.

Forklift Driver TrainingDo You Know?

  • Effective March 1, 1999, it is an OSHA law to have your operators trained in the “safe operation of Powered Industrial Trucks.”
  • New operators must be trained before they operate equipment.
  • OSHA can impose a $7,000.00 fine for each untrained operator (up to $70,000.00 for willful violations!).
  • It is the employers responsibility to train, test, evaluate and authorize every one of their forklift operators.

What’s The Best Way to Comply?

  • Make safety your priority.  Operator Training should not be an afterthought.  We have studied the OSHA rules and regulations and understand exactly what tools and information are necessary to achieve OSHA compliance.
  • The employer is certifying to OSHA that they are in compliance with OSHA’s training requirements
  • Use a professional trainer to ensure that each employee understands all critical safety issues and can evaluate operators competency.
  • Keep records that show every operator, the date of training, and the date of evaluation.  Be sure to also keep records of the trainer used.
  • Daily safety inspection report forms must be filled out on every forklift at the beginning of each shift

The Advantages of Trained Operators

  • Trained operators create a safer work place
  • Trained operators cause less product damage
  • Trained operators are more time efficient
  • Your company may be eligible for lower insurance rates if all of your forklift operators have completed Forklift Operator Safety Training

On-Site Operator Training

Happy male supervisor communicating with forklift driver and foreman at warehouse

The Operator Training class will train your operators in the recommended methods of operating Powered Industrial Trucks plus address operating controls of Nissan forklifts sold by Power Machinery Center. The class lasts about 4 hours and is designed to help your company reach OSHA compliance by addressing the following:

  • Consult with your company about what you must do to finish the training requirements under the new OSHA regulations
  • Conduct operator training.
  • Assist with enabling your company to do your own on-site operator evaluations


What Power Machinery Center will Provide:

  • Pre-training survey
  • Instructor
  • Samples of forms which will assist you in compliance.
  • Tests and sample evaluation forms.
  • Training handbooks for each operator
  • Individual operator certificates upon successful completion of course