Services Introduction

Our forklift and golf cart repair and maintenance services are unparalled in the Southern California area in speed and quality. All of our service calls are handled in a fast, courteous manner, with most service requests being responded to within 2 hours.

We also offer the best factory trained shop and field service mechanics in the industry. Our computer tracked programs are designed to lower operating costs, resulting in savings to you.  Our Service Department guarantees all repair work for 60 days.  Free estimates-prior to any work.  We only do the work that our customers authorize.

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Power Machinery Center is committed to offering these great services to assist you:

  • 40 factory trained technicians
  • 30 GPS Equipped service trucks
  • Two facilities to serve you
  • Service and repair for most all makes
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Flexible maintenance agreements
  • Flexible hours for scheduling
  • Highest Number of UniCarrier/Nissan Certified Master Mechanics in the United States
  • Non-commissioned staff
  • Written 60 day service guarantee
  • Battery load testing and charger repairs
  • Steam cleaning and painting available
  • Discounts on a rental truck, while yours is being repaired
  • Two mobile tire press trucks
  • Detailed Maintenance Cost Analysis

Gas & Electric Utility Cart Repairs

Power Machinery provides expert repair and maintenance services for your Golf Carts, Electric Carts and Electric Utility Carts. We have a large fleet of service personnel that service a wide area in Southern and Central California.

  • Our technicians are experienced to work on most all makes and models of equipment.
  • All technicians are equipped with the latest tablet computers with service manuals and recent bulletins at their fingertips.
  • Our average response time for emergency repairs is two hours.
  • Service is available twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Forklift Service & Repairs

When it comes to professional forklift repair, forklift maintenance and all other forklift services, Power Machinery Center of Southern California is your best choice of action. Our expertly trained technicians are specially trained to work on nearly all models of electric, gasoline and propane-powered Powered Industrial Trucks, in-house and in the field.

  • Our technicians are experienced to work on most all makes and models of equipment.
  • Our average response time for emergency repairs is two hours.
  • Service is available twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Fleet Services

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If you have ever owned a single forklift that needed any repairs or maintenance, you can understand the struggle some business owners are facing trying to manage and maintain a several forklifts or club cars, let alone a whole fleet.

Let our forklift and club car repair and maintenance professionals create a custom service and maintenance plan for your fleet of equipment so you can take care of more important matters. We also offer our fleet management reports with every fleet mainteance plan at no additional charge. Based on invoice history we have computer programs that calculate: total maintenance costs, cost per hour and utilization rates (per unit, model, location, fleet, age, etc.). This information helps our customers manage the true economic life of equipment and how to best utilize available resources.

  • Maintenance cost per hour analysis
  • Detailed repair analysis
  • Utilization analysis
  • Custom fleet analysis


Planned Maintenance

Just like any other machine that you use regularly (e.g. your car, truck, motorcycle or recreational vehicle), your forklift needs regular attention to stay in optimal running condition. Our technicians here at Power Machinery Center are forklift maintenance experts, having years of hands-on experience both maintaining and repairing forklifts and other industrial vehicles both in our shops and in the field.

  • The Planned Maintenance Program (PM) is designed to:
    • Reduce downtime
    • Prolong life and insure safety
    • Decrease major repair costs
  • The PM program includes:
    • Maintenance & safety inspections
    • Lubrication of the truck
    • Flat rate pricing per model
    • No travel fees
    • Removal & disposal of all recyclable waste materials
  • Copies of completed work orders and the recommended work needed will be submitted upon completion of the Planned Maintenance.  This will allow the customer to be pro-active in eliminating down time due to needed repairs.
  • In our experience, we have found that customers that participate in our PM program drastically reduce downtime, accidents, and expenses.